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I Wore My ‘Porn Kills Love’ Tee To A Coffee Shop, And This Happened

We love hearing stories about people repping the movement and sparking conversation! It is so awesome to see firsthand that there are people who are out there, taking...

We love hearing stories about people repping the movement and sparking conversation! It is so awesome to see firsthand that there are people who are out there, taking a stand in their schools, cities, workplaces and beyond. Our Fighters are active voices for positive change in our society because this movement is transforming the conversation about porn by spreading the facts on its many harms on a personal and social level. By being a part of this movement, each Fighter can not only better their own life, but better their relationships and positively influence the world around them. All it takes is one person to start the conversation, and a ripple effect of change can happen.

Meet Kaitlyn. She decided to wear her classic “Porn Kills Love” tee while out running errands and going to a coffee shop, and we’re so glad she did. Check out how even just one conversation can start because of her bold graphic tee with a unique message.

Coffee Shop Repping


I am a 21-year-old female, and I just wanted to share a brief story about a conversation I had with a random lady at the coffee shop today.

Today, I woke up and decided to wear my t-shirt that says, “Porn Kills Love.” I wear it often and very seldom do conversations arise over such a phrase and topic. Anyways, I’m sitting in a local coffee shop and a woman comes up and asks about my shirt. She said, “I just wanted to ask you about your shirt and where it’s from.” I replied saying, it’s from the organization Fight the New Drug and they basically hope to educate people on the effects that porn has on people’s lives and they want to get the message out that pornography can have the effect to harm relationships and individuals.

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I explained that when I was 17, my boyfriend at the time asked me for pornographic images of me and basically objectified me, which tore our relationship a part—that’s why I wear it because I know what porn does to relationships and I don’t want people going through that. She said she was going to look at the website to learn more!

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When I first bought the t-shirt, my mom didn’t want me to wear it around the house because of the uncomfortable feeling it gave off. But now, my mom understands why I wear that bold statement because it has the power for conversation and education. I’m glad I’m able to help bring this message out. It’s truly a privilege to rep your tee shirts and help make this movement move effectively.

Thanks for all you do and continue doing! Your work is unbelievable!



Why This Matters

Kaitlyn is one of millions of Fighters who are raising awareness on the harms of porn. This one conversation at a coffee shop may seem like a small exchange, but we all know the power of a ripple effect—one woman can tell her friends and family, who can tell their friends and family, and so on. It’s these small, simple conversations that can make a huge difference, and collectively, Fighters’ voices around the world are loud and impactful.

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What does it really mean to be a Fighter? It means that despite all the false information available, and cheap lies sold by our pornified culture, you don’t think people are products that should be bought or sold. It means recognizing how porn fuels existing issues like sex trafficking, exploitation, abuse, and violence in society.

Being a Fighter means believing love to be worth the fight, and the most powerful human force on the planet. It means believing reality is better than any digital, pornographic fantasy (even when reality is difficult). Fueled by passion, truth, strength, respect, equality, and most of all, love, Fighters are out to change the world and change the existing conversation around porn.

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If you rep the movement, regardless if anyone actually asks you about it out loud, chances are you ignited some curiosity and got someone thinking. That’s what this cause is all about, and that’s what repping the movement is all about.

We believe fighting for love is absolutely worth it, and we’re out to make a big difference on this huge issue. You with us?

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This movement is all about changing the conversation about pornography. When you rep a tee, you can spark meaningful conversation on porn’s harms and inspire lasting change in individuals’ lives, and our world. Are you with us in this fight against porn? Rep the tee that sparks conversations and defines this movement: