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How to Start a Conversation on Porn’s Harmful Effects Without Saying a Word

As a Fighter, how can you bring up the challenging conversation of pornography without actually having to be the first one to say something?

In today’s world, people are more connected than they have ever been before. The innovations of generations before us lend themselves to us, offering experiences most people couldn’t have dreamt of a century ago.

Now, the worldwide web can reconnect old friends, help spark activism in local communities, and raise funds for families in times of tragedy. Through social media, friends can share thoughts and ideas, pictures from their latest vacation, ask for recommendations, and compliment each other on their success.

But even with this constant access of communicating to the masses, it can still be awkward to speak up and start a difficult conversation. And it is at often times the most difficult conversations that are the ones that need to happen the most.

So, as a Fighter, how can you bring up the challenging conversation of pornography without actually having to be the first one to say something?

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If you’re not quite sure how to start the conversation, you’re not alone. It’s a tough subject, we totally get it. That’s why we’ve created this simple guide to start the conversation in more subtle yet powerful ways.

Here’s how you can start the conversation without saying a word. And if you’re nervous about talking to a stranger, check out our comprehensive site called Let’s Talk About Porn that can walk you through each step of breaking the ice and having a meaningful exchange. (Click below to access this thorough step-by-step conversation guide!)

Conversation Blueprint

At Work

Pornography doesn’t really belong in the workplace or a professional setting, right? There’s a time and a place to discuss the awkward, deep stuff, we understand. But we also know that real life is often different from the decade-old sexual-harassment tape they showed you during HR orientation. People are people, and spending time with the same group of people for hours on end, even at work, can lead to more personal topics.

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Make a statement with which side of the fence you sit on in regards to porn. Whether you have an eye-catching Street Team Kit fact poster by your desk, or have an FTND sticker on your laptop or water bottle, showing your coworkers you’re part of this cause without having to say a word can act as a conversation starter.

In fact, like-minded coworkers might respond with words of admiration, or conflicted coworkers might reach out with confusion and questions. Either way, acknowledging your stance against pornography with non-verbal cues may be the perfect way to get your coworkers to consider its harmful effects on their relationships and our society.

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At School

The halls of your school or campus can seem less like a quiet place for learning and more like a place for louder social interactions.

Students talk, joke, and gossip throughout the day, and there’s no doubt that with the normalization of porn, the issue is bound to come up. And keep in mind that the rising generation today takes just as much notice in what people aren’t saying than what they are.

Make a statement by wearing our classic, bold PKL shirt down the halls—or a Consider Before Consuming tee, if you can’t wear something that says “porn” at school. Without saying a word, you might spark the conversation with your peers and spark an idea that they would never have considered before.

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At Home

Wearing a tee and sporting a few stickers are obvious ways to make a nonverbal statement, but what happens when you’re at home with the ones you love?

It’s a little easier to get intimate with those you know better. If you’re comfortable with it, why not share the latest FTND article with your family (we’ve got over 1,300!) while discussing interesting topics at the dinner table?

Want to make it more candid? Try bringing up the topic in a pop culture setting. For instance: the issue of deepfakes porn, the investigations into giant porn sites Pornhub and XVideos for reportedly hosting nonconsensual content, and the issue of porn on TikTok are all current pop culture topics, and we have articles connecting each topic back to pornography’s harmful effects.

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Not sure an article is the way to go? Share a video to spark the conversation. Gather around to watch Terry Crews talk about how porn is harmful, in this quick video. Or share Blake Lively’s incredible speech about ending the demand for child sexual exploitation. Hearing these celebrities’ stories may just be the way to get the conversation going within your own home.

Also, did you know that we have our own three-part documentary series called, Brain, Heart, World? These age-appropriate and highly informative yet entertaining doc episodes about porn’s harms on the brain, relationships, and our society are sure to get your fam talking! Watch the trailer for the whole series, right here:

Around Your Town

Want to make a louder statement in your community without using words? It is as easy as joining our Street Team and inviting others to consider before consuming. When you join our Street Team, you’ll become equipped with an exclusive blackout tee, 12 double-sided info flyers, a patch, a sheet of vinyl stickers, and more, all to make your statement stick.

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Take to the streets to make your stand against pornography’s harmful effects. Who knows, someone might take notice who isn’t aware of the movement, or of pornography’s harmful effects, and who in turn decides to take a stand, all due to your efforts.

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Now, It’s Your Turn

Whether you’re sharing an article on social media, sporting the classic PKL tee, or repping the movement on your water bottle, there are ways to change the conversation around pornography with friends and strangers alike without having to start talking, yourself.

Some may respond with a similar point of view and signs of support, and others might not see the harmful effects pornography has on our relationships, our brains and our society. If they’ve never heard of the movement, share with them this video that explains how this is simply something to consider.

If they use the classic pro-porn argument, “If you don’t like porn, don’t watch it,” you can redirect them to this article that shows why that phrase alone is harmful in itself.

No matter the conversations or reactions, keep in mind that you are not alone in this fight. All around the world our generation is starting to take notice of pornography’s harmful effects and are speaking out against it more than ever before. Are you with us?