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4 Ways to Share this Movement for Love While You’re Home for the Holidays

If you're a Fighter, how can you mention a topic like porn this holiday season? If you look around, there are many opportunities to spread the word.

By November 16, 2021No Comments

The holiday season is in full swing, and with it comes a drop in temperatures, traveling home for the holidays, and hanging out by the fire or going to holiday parties with friends and family.

This is the time where we cherish the memories we made throughout the year and reflect on the lessons we’ve learned. It’s also the time where we are filled with the motivation to make the new year better than the previous one.

For many of us, the challenges to improve ourselves, our relationships, and our society start with the fight against sexual exploitation. But how can you continue the fight throughout the holiday season with all the festivities around?

Connecting with the important people in your life on a topic that is important to you can be the most fulfilling thing to do in this season of merriment and motivation. When you find yourself updating your relatives on all the “Whatcha been up to?” comments you’ll get, mentioning a movement you’re passionate about (cough-Fight-the-New-Drug-cough) can be a thought-provoking conversation starter.

But how can you mention a topic so widely taboo in a season of celebration? We’re glad you asked! Here are just a few ways to mention the movement this season. And if you get stuck, check out our conversation blueprint website called Let’s Talk About Porn for a step-by-step interactive conversation guide.

1. Holiday newsletter

A holiday tradition often involves a carefully curated letter (snail mail or otherwise) to friends and family, updating them on the important events in your and your family’s lives over the past year. This usually includes exciting accomplishments, job changes, and vacations. But what if it also mentioned the causes that have moved you?

Save a section in your holiday newsletter or your round-up end-of-the-year social media post to do a subtle shoutout to this movement for love. If you’re sharing your newsletter digitally, consider linking to our Get The Facts page to encourage your readers to research the movement for themselves.

You might be surprised by who will decide to join the movement, too!

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2. The holiday mixer

The holidays are the perfect time to mingle with old and new friends. This year, when you find yourself at countless get-togethers, why not rep the movement with a Fighter tee, hat, or wristband? Dressing up your Fighter gear in plaid or layers can make the message pop and get the conversation started without even saying the first word.

Take this as an opportunity to tell whoever ends up asking about what the movement means to you, and why they should get involved, too.

3. Share the movement

The end of the year is the perfect time to reflect on everything you’ve learned and loved throughout the past 12 months. People often take to social media to post about their proudest moments and greatest accomplishments.

This year when you sit to write your “This Year Has Been Incredible” post, mention how this movement for love has impacted your life in a positive way, if it has.

Throw in the hashtag #PornKillsLove, #ConsiderBeforeConsuming, or tag us in your photo or post so we can connect with you and share the joy and positive vibes!

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4. Gift the movement

Why not go a little unconventional for your holiday gifts this year and support our nonprofit? Our Fighter store is stocked with care with stylish tees, cozy sweaters, and sweet gear that spreads the movement in style. If there’s a fellow Fighter in the family, consider gifting them something from FTND they can open on the big day.

Whether they are home with you for the holidays or somewhere a little further away, their gift is sure to start the conversation with those around them and make an impact in the process.

Why this matters

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, where we hold close those who are the dearest to us and express our deepest admiration for the things we cherish in life.

In a holiday season that is filled with love and hope, talking about how to have the healthiest relationships possible by ditching porn could bring much-needed change in ways we can’t always expect.

Being bold by bringing up the facts of pornography’s harmful effects can shed light on something real during this holiday season, even and especially when you’re surrounded by loved ones.