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Everything You Need to Know About Fight the New Drug’s “Consider Before Consuming” Podcast

We invite you to consider the facts before consuming porn. If you have a brain or relationships, and want to live in a healthy society, this podcast is for you.

By November 3, 2021No Comments

If you aren’t familiar with Fight the New Drug, we’re a non-religious and non-legislative 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that aims to educate youth on the harmful effects of pornography using only science, facts, and personal accounts.

In other words, think of us like the Truth Campaign (they raise awareness on the harms of smoking), but for porn.

Founded in 2009, our organization is all about giving visibility to the already-existing data, studies, and personal experiences that illustrate how porn is anything but harmless entertainment. We also create resources to help friends, families, youth, partners, parents, and community groups have healthy and productive conversations about the harms of porn.

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We’ve created resources including conversation-starting apparelthought-provoking video campaignssocial images and infographics to spark conversations on social media, over 1,300 blog posts to help educate the millions of people visiting every year, and our three-part docuseries that’s great for all ages and free to watch. We also give interactive and age-appropriate school presentations.

But did you know that, since 2019, Fight the New Drug has had a podcast, too?


Consider Before Consuming, a podcast by Fight the New Drug

Think about all of the things you consider every day to help keep yourself, your loved ones, and your community happy, healthy, and hopeful.

Now consider this: There is an ever-growing body of research demonstrating significant negative impacts, for yourself and the ones you love, in the consumption of pornography. It can change the way you think, harm your ability to connect with other people, and can contribute to changing the world in negative ways.

If you haven’t already, join us as we consider the harmful effects of pornography using science, facts, and personal accounts. We’re not just inviting you to consider the potential negative consequences of pornography but also the benefits of a life free of porn and its influences.

What topics does CBC cover?

In each episode of Consider Before Consuming, we discuss the science and research behind the negative effects of pornography so we can better understand the issue and help connect people with the facts they need to make an informed decision on porn.

In every episode, we talk with an expert, public figure, survivor, or fellow Fighter about their thoughts or personal experience surrounding this topic in each unique episode.

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With each conversation, you might laugh, you might cry, but you’ll definitely think about how porn influences the world around you.

Where can I listen?

Episodes are released every other week. Don’t miss an episode. Subscribe to Consider Before Consuming wherever you listen to podcasts.

Podcast - Terry

Who is this podcast for?

Given the available information about porn’s harmful effects, we believe everyone should be given the opportunity to make an informed decision regarding porn for themselves, similar to anything else someone might consider consuming that can affect them.

Ultimately, we respect the right of adults to choose for themselves whether to click porn or not. The least we can do is contribute thoughtfully to an important conversation that is absolutely relevant to youth growing up in the digital age today and remains relevant for adults everywhere.

Because of what science and research show about porn, anyone and everyone can care about the tangible impacts it can have on consumers, relationships, and society. If you have a brain, desire healthy relationships, and care about living in a healthy society, this podcast is for you.

Why is this issue important? Is it relevant to me?

For years, porn has often been thought of as an isolated issue—something that can be easily compartmentalized in the lives of consumers, unrelated to anything else that’s going on. Thanks to decades of research from respected academic institutions, the world is beginning to see just how inaccurate that line of thinking is.

Given the growing field of scientific research and studies, it can no longer be denied that repeated porn exposure does have a tangible effect on consumers and is connected to declining relationship satisfaction as well as various forms of exploitation.

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This isn’t a moral argument; it’s simply something to consider given the facts. Now, it’s possible to see how porn is connected to societal issues that are greater than all of us—issues like sexual assaultrape culturesexual exploitationhuman traffickinggender inequalityself-esteemquality information about sexbody image, and many others.

We hope this resource helps to shape meaningful conversations in your community, wherever you are. Happy listening!

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Thanks for reading our article! Fight the New Drug is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, which means the educational resources we create are made possible through donations from people like you. Join Fighter Club for as little as $10/month and help us educate on the harms of porn!