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As a Street Team member, your goal is to spread the message, help change attitudes and perceptions about porn, and encourage others to consider before consuming. Check out the resources below to get equipped with facts, conversation guides, and additional Street Team resources you won’t find in your kit.

First Things First

Getting educated on the harms of pornography will be your main tool in helping to change attitudes and perceptions about porn. You are going to get lots of questions about what the movement is and why you’re taking a stand on this issue—but if you know the facts you’ll be ready to answer whatever questions come your way.

How Porn Affects The Brain

How Porn Affects The Heart

Change The


Equipped with the facts of the harms of porn, changing the conversation starts by opening up a dialogue and sharing what you’ve learned. It is important to remember, we are not here to argue or force anyone to agree with us, but instead present the science and research in a way that is approachable and easily understood.

Check out this conversation guide.

A conversation is a great start, but no one expects you to teach anyone everything. We’ve created a ton of resources you can direct people to whether they are just curious, or want to dig deeper into the facts about porn’s harms.


Research based articles on the harms of porn.

Grab A Kit

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More Conversation

Starting Tees

One of the best ways to change the perception on porn is to start a conversation with one of our conversation-starting tees.