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Since 2009, we've given visibility to research and personal accounts demonstrating how pornography can negatively impact individuals, relationships, and society. Through this grassroots movement, millions of people have found hope and freedom. We couldn't do this without Fighters like you!

Impact Journal #337
I’m so happy there are people out there fighting against this awful plague that has devastated so many people, including my own family. I’m grateful for the help and resources that are out there!
Impact Journal #180
Your movement and the material that comes with it have been a huge part of this change in me, and now I’m ready to give you something back by supporting this movement.
Impact Journal #511
Outstanding! Just the resource I need as a parent. We will make this a regular resource we use, and will share it with friends! Thank you!
Impact Journal #407
Thankful someone is putting this information out there in video form so that more people will see. I’ve read books on porn addiction, but most people will never pick up one book let alone read it in their lifetime about this issue. These videos will reach so many more people! Thank you for caring to educate the masses.
Impact Journal #167
My fiancé and I had a conversation about porn not too long ago! The openness and honesty brought us closer, and now we're avoiding porn TOGETHER!!
Impact Journal #329
Thank you so much for this account. A lot of your posts have helped me on my way to developing a healthy relationship with sex.
Impact Journal #519
It was awesome. It helped me understand things about this addiction in a much better way and ways to get away from it.
Impact Journal #310
Y’all do such great work which has allowed me to see porn and those who use it in a healthier way. I used to be so judgemental against those who use it; now I have empathy for them and understand there is so much more to it, addictions, etc. Your site has aided me in staying in a marriage of 30 years where I recently discovered secret porn use that my spouse was engaged in for years. Without your expert articles and deep understanding on both sides of porn, I’m not sure if I would have made it through this sad discovery and stayed in the marriage. Thanks for causing a good ripple in the world! Keep it going!
Impact Journal #27
FTND has provided me with lots of information regarding the negative reality of the porn industry and the effects viewing pornography has on the consumer. Your website features really informative articles packed with science and facts on the truth about porn and how it affects things like the brain of the consumer, relationships, intimacy, and even society at large. I will support this cause for as long as I live and breathe on this planet. The fact that you aim to impact the most vulnerable of the population, youth, makes me feel like this work needs to continue so long as pornography remains a public health crisis.
Impact Journal #294
I’m currently 17 and I am still battling against porn. Once in a while, I still get the urge to watch it. Watching your YouTube channel, and with the help of my girlfriend, I’ve been keeping away from it for a long time now. I’m really glad for all of the information your channel gave me. Thank you for helping me.
Impact Journal #539
Well-done videos that I can watch with my children and open up the conversation.
Impact Journal #144
THANK YOU so much!!! I have hope that porn will permanently be in my rearview mirror thanks to you! If only organizations like yours existed when I was a kid . . . I'm glad you exist today and I’m proud to support!
Impact Journal #379
Hi, I’m really excited to be part of this community since I watched your documentary. It is something that changed my view of life.
Impact Journal #252
I realized today that it’s been about four years since I heard about FTND. That’s around 1,460 days porn freeeeeeee! I just have to say that I’m so grateful for the education and power your organization has given me. Before learning about FTND, I had attempted to stop turning to porn for about eight years, with no success. The education and community are what empowered me. I just wanted to share this, and thank each of you for what you do for the movement. Freakin’ love each of you!