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14 Years of Milestones Since Fight the New Drug Started in 2009

What started in 2009 as a group of college friends who shared a passion for positively impacting the world has grown into a worldwide movement of millions. These are some milestones we've enjoyed along the way.

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Fight the New Drug is officially 14 years old!

Consider how, if our organization was a person, there is a high likelihood that it would have been exposed to porn by now seeing as the average age of a child’s first porn exposure is between nine and eleven years old. Chilling, right?

What started over a decade ago, as a group of college friends with a shared passion to positively impact the world, has grown into a global movement.

We are so proud to say that millions of people are now recognizing pornography for what it is and rejecting its influence in their lives. We are the organization we are today because of those who have fought for this cause and supported our mission to raise awareness on the harmful effects of porn using only science, facts, and personal accounts.

We’re continually growing, and it is because of our Fighters that our resources have been able to educate and raise awareness on this issue across the globe.

So let’s take a walk down memory lane and look back at a few milestones that helped define this movement for love.

March 2009—Fight the New Drug was founded

While the origins of Fight the New Drug date even further back, we officially became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in March of 2009. This movement became more powerful from there as more and more people around the world became educated, shared their stories, and got involved with changing the conversation around porn.

January 2011—First live presentation given

Did you know we regularly give presentations at schools and in communities? Survey results from presentation attendees have shown us that people are positively impacted by our open, honest, shame-free, and informative presentations.

To learn more about our presentations or to book one in your community, go FTND.org/Presentations.

Live Presentations

November 2014—First ever #NoPornovember

#NoPornovember is our biggest campaign of each year. Every November since 2014, we have challenged people to give up porn for 30 days and to help educate others on porn’s potential negative effects.

November 2015—Reached 1 million Facebook likes

Momentum for FTND has grown by the month, with more and more people joining the movement. In 2015, we started to see a shift in the culture’s attitude about porn as the research further reached communities around the world.

September 2016—TruthAboutPorn.org launches

Since we started a decade ago, the body of research demonstrating the harmful effects of porn has grown significantly. Because we exist to raise awareness on the harmful effects of porn using only science, facts, and personal accounts, it was clear our resources needed to include a living and active database of research that highlights and makes this data easy to access.

And thus, TruthAboutPorn.org was launched.

Truth About Porn

November 2018—Brain, Heart, World three-part docuseries released

Brain, Heart, World is a free-to-view three-part documentary series that visually showcases decades of research and countless personal stories in an interactive and engaging way.

Already, thousands of viewers have been deeply impacted by our age-appropriate documentary, so if you haven’t already watched it, we highly recommend viewing it for free at BrainHeartWorld.org.

BHW - General

July 2019—Launched “Consider Before Consuming” podcast

In each episode of Consider Before Consuming, an expert, public figure, survivor, or fellow Fighters share their thoughts or personal experience surrounding pornography.

With each conversation, you might laugh, you might cry, but you’ll definitely think about how porn influences the world around you.


November 2021—Hit 6 million followers

What started as a group of college kids has grown into a worldwide movement of individuals who are becoming more educated on the research, and more empowered to make an informed decision regarding pornography.

October 2022—Porn Impact Awareness Report

In order to better understand the general public’s awareness of porn’s potential risks as well as the efficacy of FTND’s educational resources, we developed the Porn Impacts Awareness Survey. The survey was administered to both FTND followers and to a comparative sample from the general population. Here are some of the survey’s key findings:

  • Our survey findings show that most people are either unaware or misinformed about the potential risks associated with pornography.
  • FTND followers score nearly twice as high as the general public on a test of knowledge on porn’s potential effects.
  • The average score of the American public sample on The Porn Impacts Awareness Test was only 45%.
  • The average score of FTND followers was 86%—almost double the score of the general public.

Results indicate that while the general public is mostly unaware or misinformed about the potential effects of pornography, the findings of our survey also provide strong evidence that FTND’s materials and resources are able to successfully educate a variety of audiences on the risks associated with pornography. In short, we are effectively fulfilling our mission to provide individuals the opportunity to make an informed decision regarding pornography by raising awareness on its harmful effects using only science, facts, and personal accounts.

What happens next?

Fourteen years later, and we are stronger than ever—backed by more research and more incredible followers like you who have taken a stand against pornography and the harms it perpetuates. Thank you for standing with us!

And if you have the means to do so, please consider grabbing a Fighter teejoining the Fighter Club with a recurring donation, or making a one-time donation to this awareness campaign today so that together we can continue to make an active difference in millions of lives.

Donate Now

So as we celebrate this month, we dedicate our fight to you, our supporters. Thank you for staying with us and choosing real love alongside us. Thank you for fighting for love, and thank you for sharing our resources so this community can grow, and continue to change our world.

To say we look forward to seeing what we can do together for years to come is an understatement—we know we’re just getting started, and we can’t wait to see where this movement will go in the next 14 years.